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Going online in times of Corona

In these Times of Corona, we need to accept that live meetings will off-limits for the months to come. This brings us all sort of new perspectives, new relations, new insights.

For instance: that we are all in this together. We are all experiencing "force majeure" in different degrees.

There are many individual threads, but all stem from the same burden: our health, our safety, that of our families, our workers, these are the most important issues at hand. And the trade-off is that safety rules over fulfilling contractual obligations if doing so would boil down to jeopardising safety.

So, don't waste your time claiming whatever you feel you are entitled to. That will come, if need be, when need be.

Instead, focus on shared values, joint interests, your joint issues. We alle are facing the same sort of problems, each of these are our own, but in various degrees all of these are our shared burden.

Therefore, focus on joint solutions, shared burdens, practical ways to overcome whatever hurdles are there to be faced. Best for Project!

On a high level this means: building trust, being empathetic, open communication, no hidden agendas.

On a practical level this involves such activities as: joint programming, joint look aheads, good and frequent communication, keeping good records, and: the use of good online tools.

Going online for many was already standard practice. For others this is new. Be prepared for the long haul. The not too distant future is digital. Microsoft Zoom, GoToMeeting, Skype, these are examples of tools which work quite well. We do not need to abstain from having productive meetings when we cannot see each other face to face. Going online is the new normal.

Let's do it! 2Gether! The Faithful Goose is ready to assist you!

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