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We are not a law firm. Our services focus around strategic themes, developing solutions for challenging perspectives.

We help our clients in asking the right questions so they know that their solutions are real and will tick all relevant boxes in order for their projects, programmes or portfolios to achieve the desired results. We help them identifying all relevant stakeholders  in order to jointly develop the project's objectives. With a view to the Mantra - creating joint objectives for all relevant stakeholders - we jointly develop a scope not only best for each of themselves, but best for the project as such.


The 17 Global Goals


We help our clients to ask the right questions, before designing the solutions and to be innovative in designing processes which assist them sustaining the Mantra. We are especially strong in projects in the Impact environment, projects which help achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals; with a specific aim at Sustainable Development Goal #17: Creating Partnerships for the Goals. We believe this can be done with no disputes and with a keen eye at achieving success.The UN Sustainable Development Goals ("SDGs"), to be achieved by 2030, require an investment of USD 80-100 trillion. It is to be expected that the vast majority of the required financing will be in the form of "Impact Investment": investments by private investors (and institutionals) with a view of achieving a certain impact in the relevant SDG, while at the same time generating some form of return on this investment will be generated. Eventually, most investments wll be built upon real and sustainable business cases. This will require various forms of innovation, predominantly aimed at processes which resolve the inefficiencies and imperfections of certain solutions which are otherwise taken for granted: combining mobile technology with health care, investing in well built factories with perfect labour conditions, providing clean water and sanitation, providing safe housing, taking power off-grid. Using existing resources to generate others. The Faithful Goose helps you take the right decision in choosing your project and developing such projects into bankable business cases, as well as developing creative funding options, with all stakeholders involved.




Isn't it in everyone's interest that projects should be completed (1) within time, (2) within everyone's budget (with a fair reward for all involved), (3) according to its requirements, (4) safe and to the satisfaction of all relevant stakeholders and (5) without disputes? This Mantra, seems  not always clear to parties setting up their projects.

The Faithful Goose's expertise is in making its clients aware of the Mantra, and what is involved in making it work well, for everyone involved: for their Project! 

4Scene game


We are licenceholder to the game 4Scene. This game assists the parties involved in developing the right strategy in developing their projects. This clip demonstrates what it is all about:

4Scene is a useful step in designing the right processes and collaborating interfaces in doing your project right.

4Scene has been used in many live projects, such as protecting Port Said (Egypt) against the effects of Sea Level Rise and subsidence and protecting the Yucatan (Mexico) coast against the effects of erosion of coral reefs and of the massive washing ashore of seaweed (saragazo).





For a project to be successful one criterion is: no disputes which the parties cannot resolve amongst themselves. The Faithful Goose can assist you in achieving that. This is done by for instance:

We provide - both live and online:

  • Mapping and meeting all relevant stakeholders with an interest in resolving certain burning issues;

  • Forging sustainable partnerships;

  • Strategic advice on successful project inception and completion

  • Choosing the right project;

  • Early Project Assessment;

  • Early Stakeholder Engagement;

  • Early Impact Assessment

  • Dispute Avoidance Techniques;

  • Training on collaboration, partnering and escalation processes;

  • Dispute prevention and resolution strategies and processes

  • Dispute Board Panelmemberships

  • Risk management strategies

  • Soundboarding;

  • Mediation and conciliation services;

  • Arbitration and adjudication services.


We wish our clients to be in the best hands to serve their requirements. We work closely together with excellent third parties providing expertise in the fields of legal services, people management services, technical services and financial services.


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