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The Faithful Goose has been set up as per 1 May 2016. This page will be designated to describe projects we have been involved in. For now this page is meant to share ideas.

IDEA //  01

Innovation often is combining several existing ideas and making them work together.



IDEA //  03

The art of curling in difficult meetings: do not touch the stone; once it is on course it is better to sweep around it, than to push it back.


The Faithful Goose has been working on assignment of RVO in Egypt to conduct an early stakeholder assessment analysis for a possible large seaward expansion project north of Port Said.


The Faithful Goose has been working on assignment of RVO in Mexico, together with COMAD, to assist on the set-up of a programme designed to defend the Quintana Roo coast against coastal erosion and the negative impact of sargassum influx. 

IDEA //  02

Every project has an impact. Be it positive or negative. The question is how to structure a project in such way that it will score high on the various objectives for which it has been designed. 




One of the first projects of The Faithful Goose involved training a project organisation in how to identify issues which needed to be resolved in time and escalate these to the relevant level if resolution was not achieved soon enough. This is called the Issue Resolution Ladder. Every project organisation needs to be able to master the art of identifying, escalating and resolving issues as soon as possible in order not to have such issue resulting in conflicts.


Another project involved the training of an offshore contracting company in dealing with risks. The result was a much higher level of awareness within commercial, technical and legal functions how important it is to work together, exchange information and to, generally speaking, collaborate: these functions are not silos.

PROJECTS // 03 and 04

The Faithful Goose was involved in dispute boards in two large public private partnership projects.


The Faithful Goose will be working together with a well known company involved in land restoration to jointly explore the structuring of future project.

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