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The Faithful Goose: From "Projects with Impact" to "Impacting Projects"

For three years, The Faithful Goose has been operating under the umbrella: "Projects with Impact". The aim of The Faithful Goose being that its projects primarily should be projects with a positive impact on one or more of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Since nowadays, more and more projects are structured in such manner that this objective is met anyhow, it is time to slightly reword The Faithful Goose's purpose, based on the work done in these three years.

Over the past years, I have been involved in various phases of the many projects I was asked to assist in.

I did travel to Egypt and to Mexico, to assist the local governments in formulating their own project objectives for effective coastal zone management, protection against sea level rise and coastal erosion: therefore causing an early impact on their projects: mainly in the areas of structuring, planning, governance, funding.

I have been involved (and still am involved) in Dispute (Avoidance) Boards to see projects through their early (or later) stages of inception, completion and commissioning, enabling the parties to stay clear from any disputes, or to resolve their issues in such fashion that afterward they could continue working together to make their project a success, if it was not a success already.

I have assisted organisations to (re)formulate contracting strategies that would enable them to have their projects completed while achieving such objectives as within everyone's budget, within time, within specs, satisfying all stakeholders interests and without disputes.

I have been called as mediator to assist the parties to re-establish working relationships and resolving their issues.

In doing do, I was able to assist my clients and their partners in achieving a positive impact on their projects, hence the new slogan:

The Faithful Goose | Impacting Projects

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