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"A Practical Guide..." in the News

On 20 June, 2017, the book, A Practical Guide to Successful Construction Projects" was launched. At the end of an inspiring seminar, in which Professor Monika Chao-Duivis, Remmert Sluijter, Coen Thomas and Murray Armes discussed a number of related items, each from their own perspectives, the official first copies of the book were presented to Professor Monika Chao-Duivis and Professor Hans de Jonge. In his acceptance speech, Professor de Jonge called the book "a Gift to the Industry".

In the days thereafter the book received wide coverage. On 21 June, NRC Handelsblad, in an article by Carola Houtekamer, "Bouwdrama’s voorkom je niet met een goed contract" spent 3 pages on the book. On 22 June, Cobouw, in an article by Ingrid Koenen, "Slecht bouwcontract is niet per se slecht project: wat is het geheim", described the journey to the conception of the book.

Both articles became trending on Twitter and on LinkedIn. Posts about the book on LinkedIn have attracted over 25,000 views.

Meanwhile the book is sold out at and However, these sites sell the book as eBook. Should one be interested in buying the book, this can be done at the site of Routledge, the publisher.

The Gallery below shows some pictures of the book presentation as well as pictures in connection with the "making of the book".

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