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  • Arent van Wasenaer

One more week ...

As most followers of this website and The Faithful Goose know, I am presently working at a book which is meant to bring together some well-known techniques which lead to successful projects. In preparation of the book I was fortunate to conduct interviews with well-known and respected construction oprofessionals around the world who provided invalubale input.

One more hurdle though: the manuscript needs to get approved first, after it it will be published by Routledge Publishers, an Informa Company.

I am very happy to announce that the manuscript is almost ready and will be submitted to the publishers next week.

Thus far, the book had been announced as 'Successful Inception and Completion of Construction Project', a working title. However, it is now official. The title of the book will be:

A Practical Guide to Successful Construction Projects

Please bear with me a little longer while I keep you posted as to progress. Anyhow, because of this The Faithful Goose will resume its faithful services as of 5 December 2016.

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