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Work in Progress


In preparation of the book "Successful Inception & Completion of Construction Projects" I am learning everyday. From the interviews I am currently conducting with all sorts of highly experienced experts, project directors and project managers; from the books which are pouring in my office, from unexpected discussions I am having with people I meet. Whereas at first I had thought I knew what the book was all going to be about: only a matter of filling out the blanks in the structure I had developed, downloading my thoughts I had been pondering on for years. By now the world looks slightly different. I have heard different stories, I have come across different perspectives, I have met with people who, subsequently, convincingly rebutted parts of my earlier theories.

And that is all good, because it teaches me more and therefore the book will be a better product.

This whiteboard represents elements of my current thinking, but it stil is work in progress.

Just another 10 interviews, just another 15 books to go and my thoughts will be condensed, "design freeze", no more changes after that.

To be continued!

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