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Watching the cups...

Imagine sitting in a meeting where you really want to achieve something. Take a close look at any cups and glasses on the table. Imagine them all standing at that one side of that table, left of you. Now, visualise them going from that side to the other in order to achieve your goals for that meeting. Everything being said, or not said, can push those cups in the right direction. Or pull them back. So, before saying anything, give it it a thought. Will this work as a push? Or a pull. And your colleague: did she make a useful remark? Or is everything now suddenly back at square one? In practicing this you will soon learn that not everything you may wish to say should be said. And you can take advantage of a remark made by "the other side". Did it help the gist of the meeting take the right shape? Or should we pause for a moment. Take my advice: when applied wisely this is a very useful tool!

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