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"Off the Beaten Track"


This is the cover of "Van het gebaande pad" ("Off the beaten track") a beautifully designed Liber Amicorum with submissions by my friends Andrea Chao (my last trainee), Michel Klijn, Ben Spiering, Andrew Stephenson and Brendan Malck, Coen Thomas, Willem van Baren, Remmert Sluijter (my first trainee), Jos van de Vijver, Sjoerd Rutten, Peter Habraken, Ewoud Hondius,Leendert van den Berg, Bob van den Berg, Virginie Colaiuta, Monika Chao-Duivis, Matton van den Berg (so there are three contributors called "Van den Berg" which means "of the Mountain"), Chris Jansen and Joop Janssen. It was edited by Monika Chao-Duivis, Jan Michiel Hebly and Julietta Blom. It was presented to me on 25 May at a small farewell seminar at Allen & Overy in Amsterdan, "Goodbye with an Impact". I am completely overwhelmed by this act of professional friendship. It is really very touching and an incredible demonstration of the deep connection I apparently have made over the years with these mountainous authors. Eternally grateful!

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