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Future Projects require Different Leadership

Until recently, most people believed that, in order to accomplish a difficult and complex project, it was most important to have on board the required technical expertise. Technical skills were thought to be key. However, in recent years it has become apparent that the right technology is always available or can be developed and should be a given. The skills which are far more important, however, are leadership skills, people management, learning to understand the interests of all stakeholders involved, to listen to them and to take their interests at heart. Communication skills. Dealing with people rather than dealing with concrete, steel and electronics. That requires different people, diversity, the power of understanding. Understanding the demands of the future users of projects, of the customers, of the affected communities. People should have the feeling that their issues are dealt with in a honest and transparent way. Tjis requires diversity. Future leaders are of all colour, gender, religion, nationality and background. Especially in public projects the norm should be that everyone, in the end, is proud of public projects, proud of how it was designed and built, proud of what it looks like and what it does, proud of the value for public money it delivers.

At the frontier of a new era of project leadership

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