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4Scene! - The Big Risk Game - a Game Changer

You are looking at a board game, just finished. Not your usual game of Catan, Risk, Clue or Monopoly. This is 4Scene - The Big Risk Game. It was developed back in 2008-2009 to assist the management of a mega rail infrastructure program in Brazil and in Africa to develop risk management tools and put price tags on both the costs of risk mitigation as well as the remaining residual risk. Besides doing exactly that, it brought about something completely different: it incentivised the participants to really collaborate so to make that program a success.

Later, the game was used to support various projects in The Netherlands, US, France, Egypt and Mexico, and it was played in simulation settings in as far as in Australia, Canada, Kazachstan and Singapore. Each time, the participants were amazed at the results the game brought about. It opened the eyes of everyone for such aspects as the importance of collaboration, the difference between risk allocation, joint risk management and accountability, the fact that there are far more shared than opposed interests in each project, and the awareness that time and time again it is not just one party who is able to mitigate the impact of any risk. Everyone can play a role.

So, if you are considering initiating a new project, or if you wish to give your project a fresh collaboration impulse, consider this: why not spend (half) a day with all parties involved to take a joint look at what jointly can be done to make that project a success? Check it out at The Faithful Goose. More information can be found on the attached document '4Scene - what it is and how it works'.

As many others have done before you: you will shortly find out 4Scene! can be a Game Changer!

4Scene - what it is and how it works
Download PDF • 2.92MB

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