“On a journey towards the perfect project, with positive impact for everyone involved, especially in these times of Corona"




The Faithful Goose's mission is to be the first port of call in assisting its clients in successfully setting up and completing their projects, *(preferably with a positive impact on one or more of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals). Online, off-line, whatever works. 

To be more specific: to proactively assist in the development of projects and strategies from early stages to full implementation and operation. Either on behalf of the companies involved, the funders, or of the developers, authorities, contractors or other important stakeholders. 

Techniques to be applied at the very start are Early Project Assessment, Early Stakeholder Engagement and Successful Project Set Up.

Techniques to be applied during the projects are aimed at Dispute Avoidance and Optimum output in achieving all Project Objectives. These techniques center around Mediation as it was originally developed by the Project on Negotiation by Harvard Law School.

How to successfully complete a project is described in A Practical Guide to Successful Construction Projects, published by Routledge in May 2017.

The steps described in that book apply to any type of project or programme. 

The Faithful Goose will explain you how.


The founder of the Faithful Goose is Arent van Wassenaer. Arent has been in private law practice with Houthoff Buruma, Norton Rose and Allen & Overy for 33 years before he started The Faithful Goose. He was one of the best known projects & construction lawyers in The Netherlands, with a broad international track record and widely respected as a strategic thinker. An experienced negotiator and mediator, he has a combination of management and board level experience in a variety of organisations, coupled with widely regarded communication skills. The Faithful Goose works closely together with other competent professionals in the fields of project management, risk management, performance management, people management, stakeholder management, mediation skills and contract management.


A Practical Guide to Successful Construction Projects

Managing success is our business. Success can be planned. It is about setting the right sort of objectives, preparing your project right, simultaneously managing performance and risks, setting up the right governance structure and motivating good people to work together well. Contracts are important, but it is more important to strike the right balance between the different angles of a project: output, capital expenditure, technical solutions and management processes.

Success can be managed and achieved. It is not something which may happen if you are lucky: it will happen when you are good.


A critical key factor for success is being able to get the project through without disputes which cannot be (early) resolved between the parties themselves. So, a key mission for The Faithful Goose is DISPUTE FREE PROJECTS. The Faithful Goose therefore offers such services as:

  • Devising dispute avoidance techniques (including Issue and Dispute Escalation Ladders);

  • Standing Dispute Avoidance Boards (The Faithful Goose has been and is currently staffing a number of Dispute Boards);

  • Mediation and Conciliation (The Faithful Goose has been involved in about twenty successful mediations in the period 2018-2020 and no mediation has been unsuccessful thus far).

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