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Masterclass Sustainable Infrastructure Development: 23/27 September 2019 in Château La Mespoule (Fra

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The Faithful Goose is proud to present the first edition of the Masterclass Sustainable Infrastructure Development, to be held from 23 to 27 September 2019 in the beautiful Château La Mespoule (France), in close cooperation with the Amsterdam Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure Development.

The Challenges to be discussed

Understanding the world of infrastructure and providing guidance for strategic choices that support long-term, sustainable infrastructure development and finding the right balance between economic growth, implementing the latest technology, innovation and addressing current demands and future climate change challenges. A further understanding that infrastructure is a key element in developing countries, as well as providing for the basic needs for its cities. The challenges confronting these countries are climate change, financial constraints and a growing demand, especially in cities and deltas. Simply building more infrastructure is not the way forward: strategic choices focused on a sustainable, long-term solution are essential and difficult to make.

The Masterclass

This masterclass will assist its participants in coming to terms with these challenges. It will discuss who are the main stakeholders in infrastructure policy, how to involve the private sector and it will provide a sneak preview of upcoming high-level meetings. The Masterclass will highlight the policy around infrastructure development, including the last trends of the G20 and

the Multilateral Banks’ approach to Infrastructure development, promoting private participation in infrastructure as a key national priority.

The Masterclass will discuss the top 5 priorities of major players in the field of infrastructure, as well as the challenges and ambitions of the SDGs, the latest discussion of the G20 infrastructure working group and other relevant topics and discussions. The global infrastructure gap projected from now to the year 2035 amounts to USD 5.5 trillion according to some estimates. Meanwhile, institutional investors around the world have USD 80 trillion in assets under management, typically offering low returns.

Most product-development organizations have deployed some form of Stage/Phase-Gate and Gate Review process to provide structure to their projects, yet many struggle to achieve the full benefits that such a process can offer. One of the fundamental objectives of an effective Gate Review process is to reduce project risk as rapidly as possible, as a basis for deciding whether to continue investing in the development project or not. This should be done with the least expense possible and with the lowest possible administrative effort.

The masterclass is aimed at providing a foundation for understanding these challenges and for structuring programmes that meet these challenges. It will suggest how to develop answers to the problems at hand and how to structure programmes that sufficiently meet the issues. It will provide sample governance to successfully implement the various stages, as well as financing the various stages. It will also discuss how to analyse and involve the stakeholders in such manner that their interests will be sufficiently implemented in the objectives of the programmes to be developed.


For whom?

Policymakers in Infrastructure, Project directors, Staff working for G20 on Infrastructure, Ministry of Finance, Directors and staff of PPP Units and in the Private Sector involved with infrastructure.

What will you learn?

  • At the end of the course you will understand that the development of infrastructure as an asset class holds great promise for channelling today’s savings into the public infrastructure, efficient transportation services, basic sanitation, energy streams and digital connectivity that will make each person today a global citizen and worker tomorrow (G20 Aim);

  • You will also develop an insight into the UN Sustainable Development Goals (the SDGs), the role of infrastructure, where it fits, how to include these in programme objectives and who the major players are in that field.

Your trainers:

Arent van Wassenaer is the founder of The Faithful Goose. Arent spent over 33 years in private law practice with Houthoff Buruma, Norton Rose and Allen & Overy before he started The Faithful Goose. He was one of the best-known projects & construction lawyers in the Netherlands, with a broad international track record, and is widely respected as a strategic thinker. An experienced negotiator, he has a combination of management and board-level experience in a variety of organizations, coupled with widely regarded communication skills. He is also the writer of the best-selling book A Practical Guide to Successful Construction Projects, which provides tools for those in leading and managerial positions within the construction industry to change – where necessary – their usual operational methods

into methods aimed at achieving project success.

See Arent's profile on LinkedIn.

Jan van Schoonhoven is Senior Advisor on Infrastructure PPP and Innovative Financing for the Dutch Government. He develops ready-to-invest projects supported by the Dutch Government. He heads up the Taskforce on Financing and is project leader of the Government Project Development team, NL Transaction Advisory Services. He represents the Dutch Government at the World Bank, Asian

Development Bank, OECD and G20 on Infrastructure-related topics. Jan worked for the World Bank on Procurement and PPP, supports the development of and does procurement for PPP projects in Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines and Egypt. He is independent director at the PPP Centre in Kazakhstan and member of the Infrastructure Think Tank of the G20. He also established a PPP centre on Aruba, with two projects already financially completed. Previously, he was seconded to the United Nations in Geneva as Executive Director of the International PPP Centre of Excellence of the United Nations.

Course Details


The course will run from Monday 23 through Friday 27 September 2019. There will be a minimum of 8, maximum of 10 participants Start: Monday 08:30 at the Business Lounge of the TGV Gare Montparnasse Paris

Finish: Friday at 13:10 at the TGV Station Bordeaux (or Airport Bergerac)


€ 7,499.00 after 1st of July 2019

€ 6,999.00 early bird pre-registration before 1st of July 2019

Included in the price:

  • First Class ticket TGV Paris to Bordeaux and return

  • Room in the Chateau, with private bathroom

  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, beverages and snacks included

Staying in a castle is an option that many choose as part of a luxury trip. It must be said that life in a castle is always reminiscent of nobility and luxury. In France, many castles have been converted into hotels and guest rooms. The family that operates Chateau La Mespoule are descendants of the famous Dutch admiral Reijntjes, who fought in and was mortally wounded at the Battle of Camperdown (1795). The Château La Mespoule, bed and breakfast and cottage, is to be found in Ferrensac. It is an excellent location for a retreat. La Mespoule has a swimming pool, a tennis court and a great view. All the rooms have a private bathroom. Participants will enjoy regional food and sample local wines.

The Faithful Goose and the Amsterdam Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure Development are looking forward welcoming you on 23 September at 08:30 in the Business Lounge of the TGV Gare Montparnasse Paris, for a week long deep dive in the world of sustainable infrastructure development, surrounded by the beautiful scents, scenes, tastes and colours of the Dordogne area.


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