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A Practical Guide to Successful Construction Projects to launch on 20 June 2017

On 20 June 2017 the Launching Event of A Practical Guide to Successful Construction Projects will take place in Spaces De Rode Olifant in The Hague.

Achieving project success, isn’t that what everyone wants? But, what are successful projects? In this symposion a number of well known Dutch and English speakers will answer this question. The reason this is happening is the publication, in June 2017, of the book, “A Practical Guide for Successful Construction Projects”, by Arent van Wassenaer. This book, published by Informa Law by Routledge (356 pages), describes the steps to be taken to complete a successful (construction)project, from a multidisciplinary perspective.

According to a well-established project management definition, success is the achievement of objectives. The question then arises is: what sort of objectives? Are these just objectives of the owner, or can other stakeholders (such as te contractor) also have a stake when it comes to objectives? How are these objectives conceived? What is required to achieve those and to mitigate the risks which negatively may affect the achievement thereof? What role do construction contracts play? What is the relation between risk management and performance management if any at all? How important are the people involved in the execution of projects? Is it possible to build “dispute-free”?

At the occasion of the publication of this book, the Institute for Construction Law, in cooperation with The Faithful Goose b.v., organises a launching event with the format of a Mini-symposion, Dutch and English spoken (no simultaneous translation).


15:30 Registration, tea

16:00 Opening by Chairman Professor Chris Jansen (VU Amsterdam and University of Tilburg)

16:10 Professor Monika Chao-Duivis (TU Delft and Director Institute for Construction Law) on "the Future of Construction Law"

16:40 Coen Thomas (Managing Counsel at Shell - P&T) on "Successful Projects, the Employer’s Perspective"

17:00 Remmert Sluijter (Partner Pot Jonker advocaten) on "Successful Projects, the Contractor’s Perspective"

17:20 Murray Armes (Sense Studios, author of the Foreword to my book) on “Building the Road to Dispute Free Construction"

17:40 Arent van Wassenaer on the book; official presentation of the book to Monika Chao and Professor Hans de Jonge (Emeritus Professor TU Delft and CEO Brink Group)

18:00 Concluding Remarks by Chris Jansen

18:10 Cocktail Reception / Signing of Books

19:30 End

Q&A at the end of each presentation.

Participants qualify for 2 PE Credits by the Dutch Law Society.

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