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I am very excited about the prospect of flying solo as from 1 May. For 33 years I have been working with the most excellent of talents with Houthoff Buruma, then Norton Rose, and finally Allen & Overy. This has shaped my knowledge of what it is clients expect from their trusted advisor. In my case it is not the documentation they require to have the deal laid down properly and smart. My clients expect from me a process, a solution to help them overcome hurdles and obstacles in their way to achieve their goals. And now, here I am: I have to achieve my first goal. This is to set up a business, using all my trusted advisor skills to understand my clients needs and to make them see how to best lay the path to their success. In my experience this requires the cooperation of many other parties involved, And the only real way which makes their hearts and minds being geared towards cooperating is looking for joint and parallel interests.

The Faithful Goose is their to walk along those paths. I do hope the walks will be rewarding for all involved and help creating a positive impact along the way.

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